Property Management ElfersTime is such a valuable thing. It seems in today’s world everyone is wanting to get more and more done in just one day. The fact that everyone seems to forget is that there are still the same amount of hours in the day as there was yesterday. There are only so many things that you can get accomplished. When investing in a rental property you will find yourself spending all your time dealing with the tenants, leasing, finding contractors… the list is never ending. This is why hiring a property manager from Aplus Realty Property Management near Elfers.

Why hire on a property manager?

Not only do we save you time, but we help with everything that goes with your property.

We handle it all, including:

  • Finding the perfect tenant using our highly knowledgeable marketing team
  • Making sure you tenant goes through all the necessary screenings during the application process
  • Writing up the lease and all other rental agreements
  • Making sure you are in-compliance with all laws and up-to-date regulations
  • Keeping your rental property in good condition by doing check-ins with the tenant
  • Handling any repairs with our well known list of contractors
  • Having all interactions with tenants
  • All accounting from rental payments to property taxes
  • And so much more!

I am currently dealing with a problem some tenant, if I hire a property manager what steps would they take to evict this tenant?

Aplus Realty Property Management Elfers would love to help! The reason why it is so important to hire a property manager is we have all the right tools to help the eviction process.

Evictions can be expensive – but this is why that security deposit is so important. We save it to make sure if you need to fix something or if you need to evict a tenant we can make sure it’s ready to use. First a property manager would go to check out the property and make an attempt to speak with the tenant. If the tenant is refusing to pay and is past due by ten days, we will begin the eviction process immediately.

If the tenant is only causing problems (noise complaints, damage to property, etc.…) but paying rent on time, we will check to see why these problems are happening. If it is not something we can fix and they are breaking the lease agreement in any way we will then begin the process of evicting the tenant.

Our property managers want to help make sure you have time to do everything you want with your life, let us handle your investment property!

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Aplus Realty Management Inc*