Service Questions

How will you get our property rented?

We at A+ Realty Management pride ourselves in our strong ties with our communities and our ability to use our useful and productive marketing capabilities to showcase your property to suitable potential tenants.  Some of the ways in which we will advertise your rental property is through current high-traffic internet sites, local well-distributed magazines, newspaper, yard signage and our referral program with well-known brokers in the area.


How long will it take to get our property rented out?

The housing market is constantly changing and each property is different.  Many factors are at play when determining how quickly your property will be rented out.  However, our average time from listing to lease is approximately 3 weeks.  Your property is considered “on market” until a qualified tenant is approved and a deposit is received.


What type of insurance is necessary for my rental property?

We recommend the property owner have a rental dwelling policy which ensures the structure of the house (excluding its contents). We work very closely with an insurance agent who specializes in this type of policy and we will gladly assist you in obtaining it.  We also suggest evaluating your liability insurance policy to assure proper coverage.  If your property is a condo or townhouse, a separate liability policy (aside from the association) would be highly recommended.


What is the screening process for potential tenants?

Ensuring that a qualified tenant is chosen for your property is a priority.  We do so by conducting a thorough background check which includes a level II FDLE check, rental history check, credit check, criminal and sexual predator search, employment and salary verification, civil law search for any previous litigations or evictions, and verification of social security number to prevent identity theft.  The tenant is responsible for all associated pre-screening expenses.


After a tenant is chosen, what is the next step?

Once a qualified tenant is chosen, we require a non-refundable deposit equal to one month’s rent as a hold for the property.  Your property is not taken off the market until this deposit is received.   A lease is then drawn up by a board-certified real estate attorney with which is maintained and kept current to abide by local and state laws.  The lease clearly states all rules, regulations, and responsibilities as they apply to the tenant(s).   Prior to move-in, we require first and last month’s rent up front and will hold the deposit monies in our escrow account to suffice for the refundable security deposit.


What are the maintenance responsibilities of the tenant?

The tenant is responsible for the everyday of the property, including assurance of clean air filters, proper functioning of smoke detectors, drains, and toilets.  The tenant will be liable for any mistreatment, abuse, or disregard of the property.  Pest control and lawn care are generally the tenant’s responsibility however can be negotiated.  We prefer to perform monthly pool maintenance to ensure proper chemical balancing and cleaning of your pool, however this decision is up to the owner.


Do you allow pets?

This decision is solely up to the owner. We usually recommend the allowance of small to medium-sized pets to attract the most number of tenants possible, however certain breeds of dogs are excluded (Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers) for liability reasons.  We do charge a $300 non-refundable deposit per pet prior to move-in. Unless zoned as an agricultural area, farm animals are also excluded.


What is done if the rent payment is not received on time?

Rent payments are due according to the start date of the lease.  If rent is not received within 5 days, a fee charge of 10% is applied.  If rent is not received after the 10th day, a 3-day notice (excluding weekends and holidays) is issued informing the tenant they must pay or vacate the property.  If neither action is done after the expiration of this late notice, we will file the eviction on your behalf.  This usually takes about 3 weeks to complete at an expense of $200-$500.


After a tenant vacates the property, what is the next action?

A 30-day notice from the tenant is required prior to vacating the property at which point we immediately begin re-marketing your property for rent.  Once vacated, the property is thoroughly inspected and any damage claims are assessed and deducted from the security deposit.